Calabash-android testing framework

By Sandhya

Calabash facilitates to write and execute automated acceptance tests of mobile apps across the platforms – Android and iOS . Calabash in essence is a bridge to allow Cucumber framework to run tests on iOS and Android devices. The libraries of Calabash enable the test code to run in native and hybrid apps. The significant aspect of Cucumber is its ability to support Behaviour Driven Development (BDD). The scenarios of the test cases are written in typical English grammar of Gherkin language. The key words – Given, When, and Then are handy to describe the scenario.

I have discussed here how to run a simple test case using calabash on Android Apps. (more…)

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Integration of HBase and Hive – An intro to insert JSON data into HBase from Hive

By Anusha Jallipalli

Here is how JSON data  is inserted into HBase table using Hive.

Use the HBaseStorageHandler to register HBase tables with the Hive metastore. You can optionally specify the HBase table as EXTERNAL, in which case , Hive can not drop that table directly . You will have to use the HBase shell command  to drop  such a table.

Registering the table is the first step. As part of the registration, you also need to specify a column mapping. This is how you will have to link Hive column names to the HBase table’s rowkey and columns. Do so using the hbase.columns.mapping SerDe property.

Step 1: Create a new HBase table which is to be managed by Hive (more…)

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