CRUD operations in MongoDB using Java

By Narmada Yalagandula

MongoDB is document oriented  database . It  provides high performance, high availability, and easy scalability. It stores data in JSON like documents  instead of tables and records as in RDBMS. The basic unit of data in MongoDB is document comprising key-value pairs. Collections are sets of documents and function as tables in RDBMS.

Here , I present how  to connect to MongoDB using java and perform CRUD operations on the Mongo database collections.

We connect to MongoDB adding MongoDB driver as a dependency in pom.xml file.


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CRUD Operations in HBase

By Anusha Jallipalli

HBase is a data model that is similar to Google’s big table designed to provide quick random access to huge amounts of structured data. I discuss here how to connect to HBase using java, and perform several basic operations on HBase using java.

Here we will be using HBase-client and connect to HBase using Java. Hence we should add  HBase-client as a dependency in pom.xml file.

The following files need to be placed in the HBase environment to use java for managing data in the HBase tables. (more…)

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