Selenium WebDriver – Installation & Configuration

By Sandhya

Selenium-WebDriver  is  an elegant programming interface and a compact Object Oriented API. It is an efficient tool for testing web applications  in different browsers irrespective of the programming language of the application. WebDriver makes direct calls to browser using each browser’s native support.

I will discuss here the installation and configuration of WebDriver, illustrating the process with a simple example.

Step 1:

Check  whether java is installed in your machine   [enter  command –   java – version in command prompt] . If your machine is not having java ; download and install java jdk [download JDK].



Now set java path.  [How to set path]

Step 2:

Download and install Eclipse IDE [ Download Eclipse IDE] . Extract the downloaded Zip file, Installation  is not required to use Eclipse.


Step 3:

Download Selenium JavaClientDriver  [JavaClientDriver]; extract the JavaClientDriver.

fig3 (more…)

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Integrate Kafka, SparkStreaming and HBase (kafka–>SparkStreaming –> HBase)

By Anusha Jallipalli

Apache Kafka is publish-subscribe messaging system. It is a distributed, partitioned, replicated commit log service.

Spark Streaming is a sub-project of Apache Spark. Spark is a batch processing platform similar to Apache Hadoop. Spark Streaming is a real-time processing tool that runs on top of the Spark engine.

Create a pojo class as below:

StreamingToHbase program receives 4 parameters as input: <zkQuorum> <group> <topics> <numThreads>

zkQuorum:  is a list of one or more zookeeper servers that make quorum

group : is the name of kafka consumer group

topics :  is a list of one or more kafka topics to consume from

numThreads:  is the number of threads the kafka consumer should use  (more…)

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Reading Data from HBase table using Spark

By Anusha Jallipalli

HBase is a data model, similar to Google’s big table, designed to provide quick random access to huge amounts of structured data. It leverages the fault tolerance provided by the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).

HBase is column-oriented database built on top of the HDFS. It is an open-source and is horizontally scalable. HBase is used to access very large tables — billions of rows X millions of columns — atop clusters of commodity hardware.

Let us consider we have a table with name “student_info” within our HBase with the columnfamily “details” and column qualifiers “sid, firstName, lastName, branch, emailId”.  Create a pojo class as below:  (more…)

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